Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Legionaries are awesome!

So the Legionaries of Christ are some really amazing guys! Since today was the feast of the Annunciation, the Legionaries invited us over for dinner, the 430 Legionaries that is... So we had about a 5 course meal filled with wonderful food and drinks. We had some great conversation! I sat at a table with a Korean, a Mexican, and an American... who all spoke English, Italian, and Spanish! On top of the delicious meal, the Bishop of Milan was there and we met him. How awesome is that! Also, we went to a mass in Italian, with Spanish and some Gregorian chant!!! To top it all off, the Legionary band performed after dinner. There was a collection of violins, guitars, marimba, mandolin, keyboards, drums... and they played a mix of tunes from Italy, Mexico, and Europe. I felt like a king in Medieval times who reclines at table, feasts on turkey legs, and ends being entertained by minstrels. What a wonderful night! Ave Maria!

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