Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Venice and Padua

Sorry about the long time between blogs. We're finding more and more chill internet spots here in Rome but being a world traveler doesn't allow too much wireless time. This past weekend I was blessed enough to go to Venice and Padua!!! We got to Venice before the sunrise and we got to see the sunrise over some gondolas and the water... BEAUTIFUL!!! Check fb for pictures. We spent the day traveling about Venice and looking at different churches. We saw the tomb of St. Mark!!! We are seeing so many amazing things!! That night we went to Padua via train and got to stay at a hostel. I dried myself off with a bed sheet since they didn't have towels and I got my dinner from a vending machine ;) The next day I went to Mass in the basilica of St. Anthony of Padua!!! I prayed at his grave and saw a relic room where his incorrupt tongue rests. Crazy stuff!! I strolled the streets and saw the town. That night we went to an Australian bar where the bartender spoke 10 different languages, no lie. It was so much fun!! Then we took a 7 hour sleeper train where I was between two pairs of random stinky feet. I woke up to an Asian man yelling into his phone at 5 30 am. Lamesauce. Today I got to travel to the beach and enjoy the sun and some sweet views. I'm having a blast and learning a lot about myself here in Italy!! Please continue to pray for me and I am gladly still accepting prayer requests. How about I light a prayer candle for you in an ancient church in Italy ;) Tomorrow I'm getting my haircut legionary style so stay tuned for pictures. I was invited to be on of the 4 guys that carries a huge cross on palm Sunday for world youth day at the Vatican. Stay tuned for that as well. I'm praying for you and I love you!!! God bless. 


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