Monday, October 12, 2009

What Separates You and God?

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Praise God for another day!!! What a blessing to be given the gift of life and the free will to choose what to do with it. Today's Gospel was about the rich man who went away sad because Jesus told him that in order to inherit eternal life.

Eternal Life.

Tonight I was studying (which I do all the time of course) with a friend who lives very close to our beautiful adoration chapel here on campus. When I left the study session, I felt a tug to step into the "holy of holies" and worship my King and my God. I picked up a book I've been reading called "Introduction to the Devout Life" by St. Francis De Sales. I opened up to a meditation about death... I know, sounds uplifting.

"Consider that then the world is at end as far as you are concerned, there will be no more of it for you, it will be altogether overthrown for you, since all pleasures, vanities, worldly joys, empty delights will be as a mere fantastic vision to you. Woe is me, for what mere trifles and unrealities I have ventured to offend my God? Then you will see that what we preferred to Him was nought. But, on the other hand, all devotion and good works will then seem so precious and so sweet:--Why did I not tread that pleasant path? Then what you thought to be little sins will look like huge mountains, and your devotion will seem but a very little thing."

The line that really struck me was the one about the "mere trifles and unrealities I have ventured to offend my God".

Why would you trade the temporal "mere trifles" and pleasures of the world for the ETERNAL Life and complete union with God?

Try to give up one thing this week that separates you and God.

I know it's easier said than done but "with God, all things are possible". Make it a new thing every month. If you start with the big things and you really work on them, if you really learn to hate sin and despise it for what it is, you could become a saint in no time.

What is better to strive for than complete union with the almighty God?