Sunday, May 31, 2009

In Christ Alone

Hey all, 

I've been at summer school for about a week now and I wanted to take a quick second to reflect on what I've been thinking about for the past week. I learned there are a few very important things in life: friends, faith, fellowship, and fun. Friends and fellowship have occupied a lot of my time here during the first week and I really enjoy just hanging out with the guys. Finding a good group of friends is very beneficial to well being. During my first few years at college, a lot of my friends from high school came to me saying "Matt I like my school but I'm not having any fun because I can't find a good group of friends who share my same values and are fun to hang out with". I've been blessed with the gift of good friends. Friends I can hang out with, pray with, drink with, exercise with, etc. It's a true blessing. FAITH: I'm really attached to my relationship with Christ. Like everyone, I sometimes stray and I sometimes deny Him or forget to talk with Him, but He's always there, waiting. That's the biggest blessing in my life. Tomorrow, I get to receive the very flesh and blood of God. I think that's pretty amazing!!! The last F is for FUN! I've been having loads of fun this week in between looking for a job and going to class. I've been biking at the US National Whitewater Center, running, working out at the Y, playing basketball, reading classic American literature, watching Band of Brothers.. LOADS of fun stuff! What a blessing to have that freedom. Basically, God is good! I hope you can take the upcoming week to seize the day! Make a concrete plan and stick to it. I plan to finish reading Wild at Heart, run 3 miles twice this week, and find a job. Make some goals and execute them! God bless you and please pray for me as I will for you. 

Matt the disciple

Peace be with you

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This post is in thanksgiving to all those who supported me on my Italian journey. I really really really appreciate all the prayers, donations, and love given to me over the past few months. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have had the ability to go on this life changing journey and for that I'm very grateful. 

Today I was taking a trip to Ace hardware to pick up some washers, the wrong ones I might add, and I thought about how wonderful life is. Especially mine! I have so many opportunities in everyday situations. You do too! Just look at the little things that we take for granted. First of all it was a gorgeous day outside to be power washing! So I got in my dad's Jeep and it started (some people's cars don't start, some people don't have cars). I turned on the radio (we live in a country where we can decide what we listen to and a large variety is provided for us) but I didn't like any of the music so I popped in a CD (what kinda crazy technology is it that a circular piece of plastic with a little groovy design can hold the music of our choice!!!). The roads were well maintained give or take a few small blemishes. The traffic lights function. I drove right next door to fill up the tank and gas wasn't outrageous. I also bought this gas with a little piece of plastic that knew it was me because of a little magnetic strip (again, crazy technology). I think you get the point. There is so much in life that we can be thankful for! From living in Cary, NC, I know that we kind of exist in a bubble where whatever we need is right at our fingertips and I think we sometimes take that for granted. I know I used to say "oh my gosh, Cary is so boring!" You can't do anything without paying a fortune ($9 movies) but that's just a pessimistic outlook. The other day I stopped by Bond Lake and realized I can go fishing for FREE!!! Right here in Cary, NC!!! I can go for a run in some of the best maintained parks around. I can ride my bike on the millions of sidewalks here, spend some time contemplating life at our many available Catholic churches (we aren't persecuted for our religion like China). WE ARE SO BLESSED!!! I guess I'm just kind of rambling now but I've made my point. Today, step outside and take a deep breath. Thank God for all He's provided you with! If it's hot, go outside, sweat a little, and then step right back into your air-conditioned home! If it's raining, get a little wet, then go dry off with a towel and enjoy the sound of the rain from under your roof. Enjoy life! Grab it by the horns and go for a ride. God bless your day!!! 

Peace be with you. 


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Direction

Hello Friends! 

I've decided to use this blog as a window into my life for you to look at. I find people really interesting and sometimes we can affect each other in such a profound way by simply telling each other our story. Hopefully you will find mine interesting enough to keep an open ear. God has given me many many gifts and I hope to actualize their potentiality. Maybe come along with me, offer me your input, tell me your story.

This morning I was given the opportunity to go to the most wonderful celebration. Mass! Besides God's beautiful mercy of saving us by His sacrifice, He decided to give us His body to sustain our weak and trembling flesh. The Gospel was about the importance of Jesus leaving the apostles so that the Advocate (Holy Spirit) could be sent down. Msgr. Tim suggested the importance of the Holy Spirit and how He can sometimes be the little brother of the Trinity. We focus a lot on the Father and the Son but do we ask the Holy Spirit, the very presence of God to intervene in our daily lives? What a blessing the Holy Spirit is! 

I just recently tested out the wonderful waters of creativity through iphoto. I made an official picture book to represent the essence of my recent journey. Loads of joyful pictures fill its pages with quotes interspersed throughout to show that I actually learned something over in Italy. It wasn't all fun and games... just mostly. The book should be here by Friday so hopefully I'll have it at the party on Saturday. 

Monday's gone and the week is in motion. Take advantage of the next four days to get something done and maybe ask Mary to guide you on your path. 

Peace be with you


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Check this out

Hey everybody! 

I'm back in America and I'm having a great time at home! I recently received an email from a close friend with an interesting video. It highlights the importance of God's most precious gift, children. Today we are living in a small family culture. Let's get some big Catholic families out there! This video is only to show how important children are in one aspect, not to emphasize the message at the end. Although, evangelizing Muslims from the oppressive Islam is very important too. 

Thy Kingdom Come!