Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This post is in thanksgiving to all those who supported me on my Italian journey. I really really really appreciate all the prayers, donations, and love given to me over the past few months. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have had the ability to go on this life changing journey and for that I'm very grateful. 

Today I was taking a trip to Ace hardware to pick up some washers, the wrong ones I might add, and I thought about how wonderful life is. Especially mine! I have so many opportunities in everyday situations. You do too! Just look at the little things that we take for granted. First of all it was a gorgeous day outside to be power washing! So I got in my dad's Jeep and it started (some people's cars don't start, some people don't have cars). I turned on the radio (we live in a country where we can decide what we listen to and a large variety is provided for us) but I didn't like any of the music so I popped in a CD (what kinda crazy technology is it that a circular piece of plastic with a little groovy design can hold the music of our choice!!!). The roads were well maintained give or take a few small blemishes. The traffic lights function. I drove right next door to fill up the tank and gas wasn't outrageous. I also bought this gas with a little piece of plastic that knew it was me because of a little magnetic strip (again, crazy technology). I think you get the point. There is so much in life that we can be thankful for! From living in Cary, NC, I know that we kind of exist in a bubble where whatever we need is right at our fingertips and I think we sometimes take that for granted. I know I used to say "oh my gosh, Cary is so boring!" You can't do anything without paying a fortune ($9 movies) but that's just a pessimistic outlook. The other day I stopped by Bond Lake and realized I can go fishing for FREE!!! Right here in Cary, NC!!! I can go for a run in some of the best maintained parks around. I can ride my bike on the millions of sidewalks here, spend some time contemplating life at our many available Catholic churches (we aren't persecuted for our religion like China). WE ARE SO BLESSED!!! I guess I'm just kind of rambling now but I've made my point. Today, step outside and take a deep breath. Thank God for all He's provided you with! If it's hot, go outside, sweat a little, and then step right back into your air-conditioned home! If it's raining, get a little wet, then go dry off with a towel and enjoy the sound of the rain from under your roof. Enjoy life! Grab it by the horns and go for a ride. God bless your day!!! 

Peace be with you. 


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