Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Direction

Hello Friends! 

I've decided to use this blog as a window into my life for you to look at. I find people really interesting and sometimes we can affect each other in such a profound way by simply telling each other our story. Hopefully you will find mine interesting enough to keep an open ear. God has given me many many gifts and I hope to actualize their potentiality. Maybe come along with me, offer me your input, tell me your story.

This morning I was given the opportunity to go to the most wonderful celebration. Mass! Besides God's beautiful mercy of saving us by His sacrifice, He decided to give us His body to sustain our weak and trembling flesh. The Gospel was about the importance of Jesus leaving the apostles so that the Advocate (Holy Spirit) could be sent down. Msgr. Tim suggested the importance of the Holy Spirit and how He can sometimes be the little brother of the Trinity. We focus a lot on the Father and the Son but do we ask the Holy Spirit, the very presence of God to intervene in our daily lives? What a blessing the Holy Spirit is! 

I just recently tested out the wonderful waters of creativity through iphoto. I made an official picture book to represent the essence of my recent journey. Loads of joyful pictures fill its pages with quotes interspersed throughout to show that I actually learned something over in Italy. It wasn't all fun and games... just mostly. The book should be here by Friday so hopefully I'll have it at the party on Saturday. 

Monday's gone and the week is in motion. Take advantage of the next four days to get something done and maybe ask Mary to guide you on your path. 

Peace be with you


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