Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's in your best interest

Hey friends,

As many of you know, I've just started my senior year of college. I'm getting situated into my classes, my apartment, my state of mind, and I'm really enjoying it. I love my apartment but there's a disturbance in the force.

Well, recently there have been a few cats outside of my apartment building living off scraps the already poor college students leave for them. At first there were three. It seemed like a mother and two kids. A few residents (who will not be named as they are in direct violation of college policy) have taken in two of the cats out of the kindness of their hearts. Unfortunately, that leaves tiny tim outside our apartment crying for his mommy. Don't worry, we're trying to make things right.

Let me set the scene for you. My apartment building lies right on the edge of a small forest and the chosen dwelling place of the kitten (who's just being a good kitten and following the rule of stay in the last place you saw your family) is between some bushes and the side of the apartment. He sits there and cries when people walk by on their merry way to and from class but of course he's scared so he won't approach anyone who wants to help him. Well my apartment mates and I have set out on an epic quest to rescue tiny tim and reunite him with his long lost family. Though we have spent hours trying to lure the kitten into a makeshift cat trap made of a small twig and a laundry basket filled with tuna, we have been unsuccessful so far. It's too easy for the kitten to scurry between the bushes and the protection of the forest underbrush. We try to rescue the kitten and it's to his own benefit if he will just overcome his fear let us get him. We want to help him, but that's not how he sees it.

Isn't this how we act in our walk with Christ sometimes? We think we know what's best so we decide not to do something because we're scared or we're unsure of the outcome. We're scared to step out the boat and test new waters. God knows what's best for us and He wants to help us but He said it wouldn't be easy. Maybe God has been asking you to step out of your comfort zone recently. He wants to help you. Of course I'm not saying that God traps us into being saved. We have free will. I'm just saying He gives us opportunities to grow in love.

I know it's a stretch to make this connection but hopefully you can take something from it. Let us continue to pray for each other. God bless!


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