Sunday, July 12, 2009

Overall, it was a good week

Hey friends!

I've been on a vacation from summer school for the past week. I enjoyed some time with my brother, the prodigal son, who might actually end up moving home. We had loads of good talks while I was his personal taxi all around. I got into some new music (Annuals, Dr. Dog) that he gave to me and I got to enjoy a wonderful 4th of July celebration with some close family friends and relocated yankees. I'm headed back to the Abbey tomorrow for finals week. I only have two finals and two or three papers to write but it still sounds intimidating! Please pray for my self-discipline and motivation to increase. Also, please pray for my sister who's having a bit of a tough time. If you want to drop a letter by the house to show her some love, she would greatly appreciate it. I'll be finishing up summer school on Thursday and beginning an Internship with Liz Sams at St. Mary's on the 20th. It's going to be great! I'm loving life. Thanks for the prayers and support! May the Church continue to pray for and support each other. Remember our faithful shepherds in this year of the priest.

Here's a quick fact I learned in summer school. The occupation of shepherd wasn't a glorious occupation back in Jesus' time. Jesus uses the image of shepherd to prove that He brings beauty from the mess. Oftentimes, the lowly have the greatest inner joy. Do you have an inner joy that keeps you going on rainy days? He can make glory and joy out of pain. Remember, Jesus didn't create pain, He gave us free will. Mankind messed up and Jesus takes what we have done and shapes it into something new. All glory and praise be to God! Have a blessed week brothers and sisters!


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