Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Med Bar

So tonight I went to the Med Bar with all the group!! It was soo much fun! We had a Guinness or two and had some great conversation to some very awful music at points. It was delightful! Everyone was very friendly until Adam and I started dancing on the floor. There weren't really that many people there but of course, somebody had to rain on the parade. We started dancing and then the bartender (a 40 something year old lady) came and asked Adam to "calm down". We sat back in our seats and enjoyed the rest of our time there. I had my first shot of tequila!!! ay ay ay ay ay ay ay!!!! It was pretty darn good. After we left, we were taking a group shot and some drunk guy came into our picture. We fit 10 people into the 8 person max cab van. WAY cheaper than the bus. Tomorrow's gonna be a chill day so I'll be reading some great material and praying for everyone. God bless!! Peace be with you. 

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