Saturday, April 17, 2010

Almost There

So I'm almost a college graduate.

It's really mind boggling to me that these four years have flown by. I already have a job lined up for the fall and a job to start saving some money for when my parents cut the cord. It's kind of nerve racking but I know God will take care of me as He always has.

If you haven't heard, I'll be working at Elon University in the fall as the Peer Ministry Coordinator. Basically, I'll be in charge of getting people involved with campus ministry and creating a vibrant, engaging Catholic presence on campus. I'll be coming up with fun stuff to do like cookouts and capture the flag as well as spiritual stuff like Adoration and Bible studies. I'll also be motivating the CCM Eboard who I'll be living with in the Newman Center on campus.

It's going to be a great transition from learning Catholic theology here at the Abbey to effectively applying my knowledge to my career in ministry. I'm pumped!

As I look back on my years at the Abbey, it's kind of bittersweet. I have gotten to know some great people and learned some fantastic things but at the same time I'm ready to move on. I have changed a lot (hopefully for the better) while being here at the Abbey and I have been told that I will change a lot in the next 3-4 years as I become a professional youth minister.

Big things are happening. Please keep me in your prayers. You are in mine.

Matt Merry

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