Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas is coming. Prepare for our Savior!

Blessings on you and your family!

The wonderful Savior of the world is almost here. The most important birthday of the year is upon us! What are you doing to prepare? God will become man, humbled in a manger for all to see. Here is a very beautiful message from our holy father Pope Benedict XVI.

“He stoops down – he himself comes down as a child to the lowly stable, the symbol of all humanity’s neediness and forsakenness. God truly comes down. He becomes a child and puts himself in the state of complete dependence typical of a newborn child. The Creator who holds all things in his hands, on whom we all depend, makes himself small and in need of human love. God is in the stable. (…) God is in the cloud of the poverty of a homeless child: an impenetrable cloud, and yet – a cloud of glory! How, indeed, could his love for humanity, his solicitude for us, have appeared greater and more pure? The cloud of hiddenness, the cloud of the poverty of a child totally in need of love, is at the same time the cloud of glory. For nothing can be more sublime, nothing greater than the love which thus stoops down, descends, becomes dependent. The glory of the true God becomes visible when the eyes of our hearts are opened before the stable of Bethlehem. (…)God – from the time of Adam – saw that his grandeur provoked resistance in man, that we felt limited in our own being and threatened in our freedom. Therefore God chose a new way. He became a child. He made himself dependent and weak, in need of our love. Now – this God who has become a child says to us – you can no longer fear me, you can only love me.”
Pope Benedict XVI Christmas Mass 2008

I pray that the Lord's birth blesses you with renewed vigor and a strengthening of spirit for the new year. Make a worthwhile new year's resolution like praying a meditation or a rosary every day. There is no joy like hope in the Lord. God bless you and your family during this holiday season!

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